Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AKB48 Crosses 1 million For 4th Single In A Row

AKB48 Crosses 1 million For 4th Single In A Row

AKB48 has set another record as their newest single “Ue Kara MARIKO” had an opening week sales of 1,199,000 making it their 4th consecutive first week million selling single and the 5th highest first week total single in Oricon history [AKB48 holds 4 of the 5 spots].

With this release AKB48 broke or tied the following records

They became the first artist to ever have four consecutive first week one million sales singles

Every single they have released this year has sold a million copies

Since the 2010 release of “Beginner” they have sold 6million singles through 6 singles.

AKB48 has become the top selling female artist for million sales singles passing legends in the industry Pink Lady, Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Utada Hikaru who all currently have 5 .

AKB48 has now tied Idol legends and currently active Idol super group Morning Musume for the most number one singles by a female group at 11 .

This is very impressive anyway you look at it.


  1. have they ever outsold love machine? not that it matters but i'm curious.

  2. Love Machine sold 1,760,000+ so far the most that AKB has sold is 1,570,473 with Flying Get


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