Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nogizakatte ,Doko? ,Tsuntube,FullMoon.13

Nogizakatte ,Doko? ,Tsuntube,FullMoon.13
Sorry that everyone had to wait on these episodes ,have lots to tend to.

On Nogizakatte ,Doko? A few members head into town to take on a few missions ,including entering “rival” territory the AKB48 Shop. There is a studio game show in the second half of the show that for me was the best part of the show.


Part two of the same game from last week


If you remember this band from past posts ,well I have something not really new and not really old ,just simply ongoing . They have a show on Akiba TV and currently have done 25 broadcasts all archived on YouTube by the way.

Here is a recent broadcast
Note-From time to time they go off screen to play a song over their show logo ,then return for the next segment. The last 30 minutes is when they tend to do a game of some promotion for their fans.

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