Friday, December 9, 2011

All the 48 Groups Partners With Google

All the 48 Groups Partners With Google

AKB48 and their sister units are launching a new global partnership with Google and their Google+ program. By using Google+ the members of AKB48 and their sister units will be able to interact with overseas fans in a way that no other idol group has attempted before.

This new project will see the  members of the 48 family of groups joining Google+ for a new outreach to their foreign fans .All members aged 18 and over will be using Google+ while the members under 18 will be using a program called “AKB48 Heyakko” . By joining this partnership with Google the groups will now reach out to fans in the following languages English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian,  Korean and more.

This project will also see AKB48 live streaming concerts and hangout chats.

The members seem to be pretty active so far with a number of events and postings already taken place .
As far as how much activity fans will have with the groups ,Google released the following information.
AKB48 will be using Hangouts on Air to broadcast their concerts. They'll be regularly scheduled Hangouts to interact with their fans. Each of the members will have their own profile, and  will have a +Page.

Examples of how the girls are using the service here is Yukirin`s account

Under 18 aged members

Member accounts

LOL almost forgot the press conference


  1. this turned my G+ in to an AKB and etc playground... akb fans sure are having fun

  2. Shura -I even played around with it as well,lol

  3. I have 17 AKB48 girls in my circle too now,know about the eclipse last night,and the hand shake meeting today,oh and how cute Acchans pets are!


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