Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Magical Radio ,AKBINGO Report

No Magical Radio ,AKBINGO Report

Sorry to keep you waiting for these , I got a chance to see AKBINGO! It turned out to be a good episode so I decided to share it. By the way over at that daily motion location you can find a bunch of AKB,SKE,NMB television broadcasts ,so if there Is something that I am not posting often enough ,try there .I don`t always have time to be home and watch every idols television events ,so I can tell you about them.

As you already know about the background of these series ,here are the episodes

SKE48 no Magical Radio

This week -The Ring , The Visitor, Maid Cafe,

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111206 第9話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111206 第9話 2 by tennis800v



AKBINGO 111207 バトルバーガーショップ 1 by tennis800v

AKBINGO 111207 バトルバーガーショップ 2 by tennis800v

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