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Fudanjuku/ Nakano Fujoshi Sisters Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

Nakano Fujoshi Sisters started in Nakano in 2006 doing early lives with around 30 people in attendance and doing internet web shows .From those humble beginnings they have grown to a force able to draw live show crowds of 1,000 ,with their own television programs and attracting a growing mainstream appeal.

NFS main stomping grounds are Nakano ,Shibuya ,Ikebukuro and Akihabara all of these locations are key to their success story .
Akihabara is the holy land for otaku ,the word otaku will play a big role in this group as we move forward. Ikebukuro is well known for a segment of females who like to use the word Fujoshi ,Fujoshi also plays a part in this group .

Shibuya is a trendsetter area and if you want to get a trend started Shibuya is the place to be. Nakano has its own subculture that you can call equal parts of Akihabara and Ikebukuro.
When you look at the above as separate parts ,it means very little , however when you combine them ,you start to see were NFS comes from.

The very name Nakano Fujoshi Sisters comes from these locations .
Nakano is their birth place ,Fujoshi a reference that means “rotten girls”[ can also use dirty] and used in relation to girls who like to read yaoi manga . Sisters meaning girl group.

However because the group uses the term Fujoshi ,that does not mean that all the members are Fujoshi ,it just means that to them they like to take their passions/hobbies to the extremes limits.

The group is connected to the word otaku ,because every member is in fact an otaku of something . However for NFS they like to be called “wotaku” .By using the term “wotaku” they have set themselves apart from being old school otaku or modern era cool otaku.

Whatever term you want to use this group`s concept is drawing them national and international attention as they have had releases in several Asian countries.

Fudanjuku is the “danso,” or “male disguise” alter egos of the female group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters . In short after NFS found idol fame as beautiful girls ,they decided to explore their “danso,” side by becoming the “danso,” idol group Fudanjuku. In a way of speaking they are two sides of the same coin.

While NFS may represent the “naughty” side of the girls and have songs that address subjects related to female otaku . Fudanjuku focus is on cherishing humanity,’ ‘friendship’ and ‘love supported by their “danso” looks allowing the group to grow a very strong following with women . As a result 40% of their fan base is women ,who simply support Fudanjuku.

While this concept may seem strange to readers , “danso,” type fashion actually started in 1913 with the Taarazuka Revue and has grown into theme cafes ,skits on television shows ,fashion concepts, lifestyles and a side of idols that idols like to express.
Fudanjuku/ Nakano Fujoshi Sisters are simply putting a new twist on an old performance style.


ikki by borgasjones

Program clip

new members Aiba Kensui and Yukimura Ryouma introduction

NFS pre new members

And if that is not enough to get you into the group Ura Erika is a professional wrestler


When preparing this piece  ,I didn`t take notice of the fact that they have made a slight name change to Nakano Fujo Sisters and I forgot to mention that their producer is comedian Jazzy Hanawa.
I should have remembered that they changed their name after Youko graduated.
Instead of creating a new version of the post as the post is reflective on their birth and original name  ,I am adding this footnote .

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  1. Awesome article! Just as a heads-up, they have changed the girls' group name to Nakano Fujo Sisters :3 And also changed the "Fu" in their name to the kanji for "wind" to represent their refreshing breeziness or wind of enthusiasm or something along those lines xD

  2. Well , lol You know what ,I didn`t even notice ,lol

    So thanks for the heads up. I am not going to rewrite it ,instead I will add a footnote to the end.


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