Thursday, December 15, 2011

SKE48 ,AKB48 ,Nogizaka46

SKE48 ,AKB48 ,Nogizaka46

Sorry for the wait, but you will understand why after viewing
A few media updates that once you hit play explains themselves


SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111213 第10話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111213 第10話 2 by tennis800v


AKBINGO 111214 私立イケメン学園 1 by tennis800v

AKBINGO 111214 私立イケメン学園 2 by tennis800v

Some good old fashion screaming and freaking out
I think I may have found my Oshimen for this group .When an idol goes into a haunted house and someone jumps out and the idol look is like ,"this is the best you got" ,you have to root for that idol.

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