Saturday, December 17, 2011

Introducing Takei Emi

When I first heard that actress Takei Emi was going to make a solo music debut ,I immediately decided I wanted to check it out as her single was going to be written by TAKURO from the rock band GLAY a band that I have tremendous respect for .

Emi`s debut single is called “Koi Suru Kimochi” and it hit the stores on the 14th of this month.

Knowing that any member of GLAY was involved in this single ,that even without listening to it ,it was going to be top class and when I first heard it ,it was as I expected.
The video is a wonderland of beauty ,first Emi`s, then the storytelling and scenery.
The video has segments that reminds me of several videos ,with many scenes that stand out to me that it`s hard to choose one as a favorite .
There is these window close-ups that remind me of something in my life a real life scene that was a very similar setting. A reflection while standing on the cold snowy street looking at a window .For that I thank the director for bringing back my reflection.

Getting back to the video
There is also the moments of Emi walking on the lighted stairs and the forest ,carry equally heartfelt moments.
There is a connecting point when a balloon is released in a snow globe and appears in the sky ,along with Emi captured inside the globe. There is something I believe for every type of heart in this video from the loved to the traveling or about to be traveling heart .

I hate to say that this is my favorite song and video of 2011 ,it`s an equal fight with Gazette`s Pledge ,both videos remind me of special times in my life. So it`s hard to pick between the two.
This video and the Gazette`s Pledge tie for my favorite video and song of 2011 .

If you want to try something different than traditional idol JPop ,give this new artist a chance.

Sorry this link will have to do for now.

By the way this is her promotional poster it is 28.5 meters long [93.5 feet] it also plays her single
She is also doing free lives

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