Sunday, December 25, 2011

Afilia Saga East Adds Two ,Drop Two, Plus A Backstage Pass

Afilia Saga East has added two new members they are the cuteness twins as I like to call them ,even if they are not related .

Introducing Laura Sucreine

Laura is based at Afilia Sherry`s Café!/laura_sucreine

Introducing Emiu Weilschmidt

Emiu is based at Afilia Stars Café!/emiuws

They will be taking the place of Rose and Meena who will be graduating next year.

In related news the Afilia Girls have been promoting the AKIHABARA Backstage Pass Idol Café on their accounts.


  1. The new girls are very cute.I always like the names they come up with ^v^

    Merry Christmas mina-sama.

    On a side note,what's this newsd about Tsuji-san and her husband living apart!Read about it on Japan Today.

  2. Laura and Emiu are super cute but Laura is my favorite so far XD... oh and their next single is another collabo with Tsunku.

    Oh and about the cafe, i i was watching Chiyomaru's twitcast and the place is nice, momochi and some others performed a c-ute song on stage... in the end you recieve a card to give points to teh girls (i assume the girls on duty atm)

  3. @ Neil I know only what I have read in the papers and that is a lot of different rumors ,until one or both come out and address it , I feel that it`s a matter between them. Seeing how she has been posting family Christmas photos , I think it`s much about nothing .

  4. I love the idea of this idol unit and I'm ashamed I havn't done more researching. The first girl looks ultra cute, so I must go lurk for more pics of her!


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