Saturday, December 24, 2011

Koharu Kusumi Models for LAISSÉ PASSÉ 2012 Spring Collection

Former Morning Musume member, Koharu Kusumi, took on a big role in modeling for Laisse Passe 2012 Spring Collection. As some of you may know, Koharu graduated from Morning Musume to start her modeling career. Please keep supporting her in the long run!


  1. WOW...

    I didn't think she could get prettier, but damn she proved me wrong!

  2. Koharu was my favourite member during her time in Morning Musume.I was sad when she left.Even started watching おはスタ and was glad to see her active and happy.

    Glad she is getting good work in her chosen profession.

  3. I loved Koharu in Morning Musume. She had oodles of pizzazz and spunk and was delightfully crazy. Beautiful girl and I am sure she will prosper. Good luck Koharu!


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