Saturday, December 10, 2011



This week we take a look at maid cafes ,more so Tsunku`s staff hopefuls . We maybe witnessing the birth of future idols.

With Tsunku`s new shop opening up in a few days , I wonder if Tsuntube will become the media outlet for the café ?

Which entry numbers do you like ? I think there are a few here that have idol looks after Tsunku works his magical idol makeover. For the record #164 ,#189 ,#256 win just because ,lol So many to choose from this episode there was easily 10-12 for me .

Tsunku looks as happy as a kid on Christmas ,lol.
The back half of this episode was very funny and a can`t miss moment ,after this episode Tsunku`s got me wanting to start an idol maid café ,lol.

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