Friday, December 23, 2011

Tsunku`s Backstage Pass Opens

Tsunku`s AKIHABARA Backstage Pass  Idol Café has now opened [today is opening day] , below is an English commentary    video of just what Tsunku has in mind.

It`s actually really cool the customers will decide if the staff will become idols.
No other maid  café in Akihabara uses this system.


  1. Tsunku-san looks like he is really having fun just now,who can blame him for having that big smile on his face.

  2. the concept is very similar to the original idea for Afilia Saga East where the most populars joined the group and stuff... but is not the same, i like the idea and hope they keep it that way :)... poor chiyomaru everyone ignores him and just call thie the tsunku cafe (i'm guilty too)

  3. @Shura ,I think it`s because Tsunku always does most of the talking related to this ,that it makes it easier for us all myself included to forget .
    I am wondering if the TV will start to change to focus more on the café and the staff.

    @ Neil ,Idols make everybody happy,lol

  4. @ Shura they hired 80 girls for the Café . Tsunku said they had infinite potential and are candidates to work with H!P

  5. i'm not too excited about them working under H!P because is another Tsunku's playground but is a nice idea

  6. @ Shura you know how he is ,the man is sneaky like that. He did say it would be a collaboration type deal. I have not visited the café yet ,but I hear from others it`s really first class set up .


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