Monday, December 26, 2011

Momoiro Clover Z Rocks Saitama Super Arena

Who needs end of the year TV specials ,were the most talented acts get overlooked because they are Visual Kei bands , idols that don`t sell enough or any other industry  excuse they can think of ,when you can just have your own live and make up your own rules .

December 25th Momoiro Clover Z may have held their best live of their career and it was at the Saitama Super Arena .

Momoiro Clover Z played almost 30 songs had heavy metal guitar great Marty Friedman providing the riffs and a host of other idol/rock goodness such as flames ,lightshow and more .

Momoiro Clover Z ends 2011 with a powerful statement “We have arrived and everyone watch out”. In 2012 the girls have two nights booked for Yokohama Arena.


  1. I love reading about Momoclo on other blogs, I feel like these girls aren't as popular as they deserve to be!

    The concert looks like it was incredible, I'm always amazed by their energy, and the set list I read from was huge indeed! And the inclusion of their next single and the reported guest appearance makes me want to see this concert even more!

    Anyway, thanks for the report, it was great to read!

  2. My favourite group at the moment.I feel the way about them that I felt when I saw Perfume handing out flyers in Tokyo.There is something special about them,you just know they are headed for bigger things ^v^

    I would love to see some videos on You Tube from this big event,but copyright laws are copyright laws...

  3. Ahh that looks awesome! I hope they put this on dvd. I would love to see them their pvs they just burst with life and energy.

  4. @BeForJess I think they're more popular than you thought, it just hard for the foreigner to access their stuff since their sources such as tv / radio shows / magazine scans are rarely shared by Japanese fans.
    It's a complete treasure hunt.
    Well i'm just waiting for this concert DVD release and buy it.


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