Friday, December 23, 2011


Buono! New single is a Double A side and after being on the fence with the first song ,the group reminded me of why I enjoy their music .While I am not captured by the video,the song more than makes up for the creative dullness that Up-Front videos have been known for the last few years .

When these three were cast together it was the perfect fit as their voices complement each other perfectly and honestly they should have been a bigger unit then they are .

While many times Up-Front selects costumes that make most people wonder about them , these costumes and boots a great choice .

I can overlook the dullness of the video ,for the simple reason the song works for me as I have always been a fan of more rock edge idol songs.

For me I enjoyed this song much better than the other A side “Hataukoi Cider”

This single is worth picking up if nothing more for DEEP MIND.


  1. Buono always has the best wardrobe ♥

  2. They always have cool outfits maybe the best in H!P


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