Sunday, August 21, 2011

AKB48 Flying Get Movie

AKB48 Flying Get Movie

Not long ago I added the short version of Flying Get to PIH .Readers asked what the full 18-minute version was like. Here is the full 18 minute version of the PV .The video in classic martial arts setting displays various camps representing good and evil  destine to fight an epic battle.

The early moments show the AKB48 forces simply enjoying a meal, knowing all along that a gathering storm is approaching. The writers and directors follow the traditional martial arts film build up with a slow calculated start building to the dramatic finish. To add spark the guardians of AKB48 speak with altered voices, until the members of AKB48 say enough of this foolishness and the song kicks in and the forces of good AKB48 swing into battle.

As with a number of martial arts films, there is a plot twist at the end as one of her own betrays Maeda. 

The movie when you watch from start to finish is nothing more then a dramatic takes on the senbatsu elections and battle for top position.

The amount of time, money and effects involved are sure to keep this unit in the media spotlight for sometime to come with this single.

Flying Get Movie

Coupling PV`s    [now I miss the drama again, lol]

Note will replace PV`s with Youtube versions first chance I get.


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