Friday, August 19, 2011

Fresh Faces: BeeBee; Taking Promotions To A New Level

BeeBee; Taking  Promotions To A New Level

The media here is a buzz with a story on a new unit that is the talk of the underground and may not be underground much longer, for their creative marketing moves.

BeeBee who made their debut in April and consist of a former nail technician and two clothing sales girls [hey who says you can`t be an idol in Japan] have caused a stir in the industry as Mai [23], Yuki [25] and Maria [21] have turned to the internet and social media as their lead promotions.

BeeBeeare using Facebook and YouTube to release and promote their singles. Their debut single and PV is out and is titled “Seifuku Girl 2011”. Maria described the song as a support song for the working women. The members have said that their goal was to become famous with all types of fans and plan to use social media to achieve their goals.

BeeBee has found a way of taking what they have and what social networking has to offer and is making it work for them.

BeeBee YouTube Channel [4 total videos]

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