Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fresh Faces: Fairies Live Debut Part 2

Fairies Live Debut Part 2

Vision Factory it seems has decided to go head to head with AKB48 in regards to media attention, after all this company has money to burn and willing to use it. Fairies has started a media blitz that would impress AKB48, if they didn`t dominate every single segment of the industry, but signs are developing of cracks in their empire and the fresh faced idol units are positioning themselves for their mission.

In part one ,I showed you footage of their live debut ,in part two we have the work behind the debut ,filled with scolding and tears .Ah! The good old days, when idols learned this is real, fun is over and everyone is your rival.

On the back end of this post, we see Fairies turn on their inner diva for a photo shoot.
In my travels regardless the age, level or experience of an Idol, you place them in front of a camera, the girl automatically becomes a model with 30 yr experience. It`s like when a girl sees a camera, her inner diva comes out.

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