Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JunJun The Actress

JunJun The Actress

Fans of former Morning Musume`s JunJun will be happy to know that recently it was announced by JunJun that she had become an actress. She is currently working on a movie shoot called Ai yi Miao .The filming has been completed at this point and behind the scenes video has been released.

JunJun plays a school student that from all indications is connected to a gang. It`s your basic love triangle type film. How big of a role she plays in unclear, but I imagine she is playing a supporting role.

Have to say there is something about JunJun playing a bad girl, which is refreshing. This maybe one film that you root for JunJun to kick some backsides, lol.

As an added note, JunJun has also been holding free fan events and each event she takes a group photo with them.

Video footage

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