Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fresh Faces: AKG

Fresh Faces: AKG

When I first wrote about this unit the group had a different name AKG48 .Well it seems that the 48 has been dropped and the unit is now known as AKG .AKG by the way means Akagi .Akagi is a well-known mountain in Gunma.

AKG is very new having made their debut this past march and they are slowly making a home region name. Their live show is made up of almost all AKB48 songs , giving Aki-P a nice royalty check every live ,however they do have a debut single called “Knee High☆Lover” that is pretty catchy and shows that over time ,they will have a nice original set list.

Call them AKG or AKG48 ,it make little difference as no one cares if a number is after their name ,wotas just love idols ,regardless of the name,  this unit has a lot of potential as this single shows.

Instead of showing you a mini live filled with AKB48 cover songs, I am going to show you a TV show that they were on recently.

When this show was recorded, the graphics still showed the name as AKG48.

[Their HP never changed they just removed the 48]
[Stayed with the same blog as before]


  1. Good luck to them,I did see their videos on You Tube before.I liked their live performances,and they all looked so happy.

  2. I'm so happy that they dropped the 48 off!

    While Japanese wotas could care less if you copy another groups name, foreign fans care and are more strict on that. I think it's because of the cultural differences.

    There is an American all boy band called "Allstar weekend" However, the "weekend" had to be added because there is already a band called "Allstar" it doesn't matter if your an indie band or selling millions, in the US, you can't have similar names.

    I know some people in another forum were complaining about the name. They'll be happy to know it was dropped.

  3. @ Candy, yeah it is a fine line and copyright laws are different in each country. I also like the move .I wish the AKG would be changed to the full name as I can`t tell you how many times I wrote AKB48 in this post, lol. It`s a cute idol in a school uniform, not hard to market to a wota, lol.

    @ Neil, yeah they are a peppy bunch. Now if they get more originals I think, they will grow a lot better.

  4. I love they, I love this girl group! >w< Nyannnnn!


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