Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AKB48: Records And More Records

AKB48: Records And More Records

AKB48 “Flying Get” has continued the AKB48 rewriting of history .With “Flying Get” AKB48 has broken or tied a wide range of industry records. So let’s look at the numbers.

“Flying Get” sold 1.354 million copies in a week after selling 1.025 million in a single day.  The single week total was the best opening week sales in Oricon chart history.
AKB48 also holds the second spot with “Everyday, Kachuusha“.

For singles that have sold one million in their first week, AKB48 holds the top two spots out selling the likes of Mr. Children and Utada Hikaru.

Since AKB48 has released “RIVER”, the group has had nine consecutive number one singles putting them in a tie with Pink Lady who has held that position for 33 years.

AKB48 with it`s three one million sellers in a row they have now tied Pink Lady for the top spot for million sales singles in a row.

With AKB48 scheduled to have more releases in the future it is only a matter of time before they pass Pink Lady and the standards set by Onyanko Club. While many fans from other agencies may dislike this group and their accomplishments, AKB48 without question when all is said and done and their final release is out, will be known as the greatest female idol unit in the history of the genre.

It is because of AKB48 that the fresh faces of this genre are rising up at a pace last seen in the 80`s .If AKB48 had remained at 20-25,000 sales a release ,there was a good chance that this genre on the female side could have slipped into nothing more then a cult followed ,dusty shelf memory in time .

As much as some rival fans may be against the success of AKB48, the industry needs and has welcomed their achievements. Just as Morning Musume opened the door for the arrival of AKB48 .AKB48 is opening the door for the arrival of the  fresh faces .It will be  these new next generation idols that PIH has been presenting to you  ,that will be the ones who will carry the genre to it`s next great accomplishments.

Congratulations to AKB48 and your fans.


  1. since AKB is in a superior level atm i think is the right time for indie idols to shine in a bigger market.

  2. it s not simple the idol status.
    i was never into this genre, but the greatness of
    aki-p lies into his melodic genius.
    that's the music who simply overshadow all his
    i was at him feet by the beginning.
    and now there are no rivals even in this west part
    of the world.
    they are the next big thing.
    they are the phenomenon.
    lately there are so many pv o akb-like, but they are
    awful, they really think it's only a question of
    how wrong they can be!!!
    the example is the fallen status of hp!
    theu musical level is so embarassing low! now....
    i coudn't even remember the greatest hits of c-ute!

    they seem to be long time ago!

    the only one i pity, is suzuki airi, because that tremendous intonation of vowels...i think she deserve the same success too....
    bu today as it is, it's only a chimera!

    bye guy, from italy

  3. AKB is not the next big thing, is the present

  4. You know, there's only a tiny % of akb fans that feel like they need to compare to H!P, and that small amount annoys me to no end. Yes. H!P was the akb of the past, they aren't anymore. But what gives YOU any right to down right their music? Their music is an EMBARRASSMENT now? lol what? BS.

    There is a lot more competition these days. H!P artists, while not selling like in the past are still doing pretty well for a group in this day. PASSPO, momoiro clover, even SUPER GIRLS are selling as much as H!P groups these days. So why are you only comparing akb with H!P. What about the other groups???

    But what really makes me laugh is that you think that just because akb is on top now, you have to go and down grade H!P. If your not a fan of H!P, it has nothing to do with you. If H!P groups were selling just as much as akb, you wouldn't have made that comment.

    There are some idols groups that I don't like. Yes, I'll post and comment on the things that I don't like about them. But I would NEVER say their music is embarrassing in a public blog where fans can see and get upset. It's immature and rude.

    Maybe I went a little over board with this post. But nothing annoys me more than akb fans who think downrighting another group is okay because of akb's popularity and success (on a PUBLIC BLOG) I don't care if you bash H!P, do it in a personal blog. This isn't an akb only blog you know.

    I wanted to keep my mouth shut, and I was going to ignore you and not say anything. Even if you said you think H!P's music is crap, I wouldn't have said anything. But when I saw the "embarrassing part" I couldn't stop myself.

    I love akb just as much as H!P. But when you bash the inferior group, it get's personal.

  5. @ Shura, this is the best time since the 80`s to be an idol or idol company .I feel much better about the strength of the genre now, then I did in 04.

    This is just a start many Indies are coming up and styles these days. Even H!P is making a good amount of money . A lot of money , media ,companies and groups are coming into the genre these days.

  6. =( i was so happy when i read this.... then i read the comments....we should be congratulating Akb48 for there success, not making fun of other groups....i never heard a H!P song before but I'm pretty sure you didn't have to trash them at this post especially which was pretty much solely dedicated to make Akb Fans happy.... =(


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