Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fresh Faces: DOMINO Release First Full Album

DOMINO Release First Album

I would not place this unit in the idol genre, think of them more like DREAM, SPEED and SHANADOO pop artists.  To be honest here, I so wanted Morning Musume after the members turned 20 to leave idol genre and enter this more mainstream genre.

DOMINO , Yu-mi, Mayu, Shiori had  their first Indies release in 2009, when  they released their first Indie mini album “JK riot!!!” and only five months later the group signed a major label deal with Sony’s sub label  Ki/oon .

Under Ki/oon they released their debut major single DON'T STOP DA MUSIC!!!  A three track CD that saw the members write the lyrics, music and do the arrangement for the CD. 

This was followed up with three more singles and another mini album and  a debut in Korea.

Now the group is set to release their first major label full length album “20!!!” on September 7.”“20!!!” features 14 tracks of new and past releases and is the follow up of a mini album called “GO Girl” which was released this month.

For this new release DOMINO brought in help from Kpop and JPop producers, enlisting DEEZ to produce WE ARE DOMINO ~intro~” and outro, “WE? U ~outro~”. The title track was written by well-known lyricist Nakamura Kanata who worked with SNSD on their Japanese releases of “GEE” and “GENIE”.

Completing their outside support DOMINO album covers were shot by famed photographer Ninagawa Mika.

U Can Do It

[This track was used as one of the themes for the anime Naruto]

Kira Kira

DON`T STOP DA MUSIC!!! [Little Hip/Hop [this is the root style of this unit]

Why [very solid vocals here]

Go GiRL [July Release]

collection_0156 by 4agea4

Life when they were Indie, doing everything yourself





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