Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Live

Hey everyone ,sorry for the short notice ,really got a lot to do today away from PIH .But I wanted to tell you that if you head over here right now to this link , you can watch some of the Tokyo Idol Festival Live or watch the archives . There will be dead air at times as this is live and guests coming and going ,technical issues and the like ,so bare with the staff of the festival as they do their best.

Enjoy the event everyone.


See WELCOME MARQUEE for live group schedule


  1. today`s events start at 9:30 Am JST Please check your times ,so you can catch the idols.Broadcasts for the day ends at 19:00 JST

  2. Afilia Saga East has arrived ,Life is good

  3. i watched the whole ASE part... YEAAAAAH


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