Saturday, August 20, 2011

SUPER☆GiRLS “Joshiryoku←Paradise“

SUPER☆GiRLS “Joshiryoku←Paradise“

It`s been forever since I have written about SUPER☆GiRLS .This unit just keeps getting better and better each month and if Avex really wanted to they could push this unit to the moon with their resources at hand. Instead Avex is letting them grow at a healthy and steady pace, and it`s starting to show in the girls work.

SUPER☆GiRLS are back on PIH with a new single and video.

The single and PV is called “Joshiryoku←Paradise“, and tells the story of a girls global cosplay summit for the power of women.

Each member carries a different cosplay theme along with a group costume that has a palace guard’s type theme . Alternatively, if you like a normal evening with idols attire, lol.

The song ,music and PV is very uplifting and has a great tempo ,that you will get into right away and hit replay a few times to take it all in.

The single hits the stores on October 5 and the DVD will be their debut concert held last year.


  1. that was good "clap clap"....guess is time to dish out more pain on my wallet

  2. ^ needs to get life!! this song was super good!!! it was the first Japanese song i had ever heard! i was really feeling odd about it but when i became almost above basic at Japanese i listened to it once more and turned out it was an incredible song!!! ;D


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