Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This PV actually came out a few days ago but I was dealing with my own music related work and could not write about it then.

There is nothing bad, that I can say about this video, I am a big fan of the music being written for this group music and the group’s performances of the songs .Their live shows are their best suit .However if you are a fan of summertime swimsuit videos, then this is in your ballpark.

If VIVI Natsu were, being released on any date then when AKB48 are releasing their single, this single would be a number one single.

It`s just a shame that this unit will have to live in the shadow of AKB48 on release day as this single deserves to shine on it1s own.

Defiantly from a music standpoint one of my favorites for the year. The unit that opens up for them at lives, who I am going to preview Pre-Dia, is not far behind.

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  1. There really isn't a passpo Song that I hate, and well, I just love this! It would be #1 if akb wasn't releasing flying ghetto on the same day XD


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