Monday, August 22, 2011

Fairies Draw 3,000 Fans For Mini Live Concert

Fairies Draw 3,000 Fans For Mini Live Concert

In what maybe the fastest rising idol unit out today Fairies has managed to start drawing 3,000 fans to their live events, before their single has even been released.

When asked at their live stage at Kawasaki Lazona who they are looking up the most to as career role models Momoka said We want to become artists who will not lose to our ’senpai’s’ Amuro Namie-san and SPEED-san.” She went on to add, “We want to perform at Budokan, and hold a nationwide tour. We eventually want to appear on ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ as well!” She ended her comments by telling the media that, “To fit the image of a fairy, we will do our best to become artists who are pretty, but can dance well.” These comments came on the heels of an opening 5-minute dance routine that left fans amazed at their professionalism.

These seven women are quickly becoming the fresh talk of the industry and many see them becoming the next generation SPEED.

There is an electric buzz about this unit; no one is ready yet to declare them the ones who can dethrone AKB48. However seeing how AKB48 early shows had as few as seven people at times and Fairies in their opening lives has managed to bring in 3,000 fans for a single event, without a supporting single, the stage is being set for Fairies to become a major player in this genre.

We must put a watch on Fairies as things continue to develop at a rapid pace for them.

Avex preview of Fairies More Kiss PV

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  1. This group looks promising! I already like them!


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