Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Now that AKB48 has full control of the teen and adult idol fans, they are turning their attention to taking over the youngest of your family member’s .I present to you their newest sub unit BABY GAMBA.

BABY GAMBA is made up of Nakaya Sayaka and Tanabe Miku and the two AKB48 members will be a part of the Avex music family.

On September 14, the unit will release their debut single “Ee Janaika”and will be a children’s theme song.

Nakaya spoke about the unit at the presentation press conference saying the following:

“I am happy that BABY GAMBA will be viewed by children and will be performing this dance. Of course, adults are welcome! Please try this dance! ”

Tanabe said the following “In this work, you can see us in a new light unlike in AKB. We will make our appearance if as we were characters [from the book]. There are also a lot of cute costumes as well!” As to the dance, she followed up by saying, “It was easy to learn it and boys and girls of all ages can dance to it cutely. It’s perfect for a sports day at a kindergarten and elementary school.”

BABY GAMBA is inspired by the 1972 children’s book “Boukenshatachi: Gamba to 15 hiki no Nakama” that features a mouse named Gamba and his friends battling weasels.

BABY GAMBA will feature many of the books themes in their PV.



  1. I'm confused some people say that it is a DVD releases,will it actually have a single or just a DVD/book thing?

  2. It`s an DVD single .That is a music single in the form of a DVD .

    Think of it like when you buy a regular Idol CD ,there is CD only and CD+DVD types .A DVD Single combines the CD+DVD into one disk ,so you can get a lot of extra stuff like bonus disc featuring music videos or live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage .DVD Singles are limited print singles so they are collectors items.

    It`s popular for singles related to anime


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