Thursday, August 4, 2011

FullMooN.13 and Sashihara Rino

FullMooN.13 and Sashihara Rino

The other night FullMooN.13 and a host of other Akiba based artists attended Sashihara’s TV show for school .Not sure how long this will stay online [I didn`t have a chance to record the episode, had other things to do] but if your a fan of Sashihara, it`s worth watching as she holds school sort of and plays games with 16 Akiba Idols. Sad to say that FullMoon.13 part of the show airs next week as Sashihara`s battle continues with these 16 Akiba Idols.

UPDATE -Alternate option

110803sashikoUndergroundIdolBattle by iiiat

Bonus Video Sashihara vs a street gang [kidding ,it`s 9yr old actresses]

110727sashikoversuskidsactor by iiiat

Follow up episode

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