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This truly must be going to be a good day for me today, it`s not often the time frees up and I can write about so many great units in one sitting and two be rock.

Please welcome to PIH theatrical rock band UNDER FOREST.

These three ladies and their support musicians feature a powerful metal and melodic rock sound, that honestly, is just that good not to go places.

It`s been a while since a rock band has made me say hey we have something here and it was not my band. From the first guitar, riffs of “Moonless Night” the band had me locked in and wanting more.

Their preview album samples show a wide range of variations and the detail involved in creating this album.

With the female members sporting a Gothic-Lolita look ,the ladies range from cute to hot in one moment , for a fan of that fashion on women ,there is nothing approval their costume style.

When writing on PIH ,I try to keep my emotions in check for good or bad ,to not rub anyone the wrong way and sometimes ,in doing so I don`t say how I truly feel . I sometimes will be asked about that in private or by other sites, wishing that I had said a little more on how I feel about a group.

Even now, I find myself biting my lip, while supporting a fellow member of my own professional career genre.

There are times in your life, when your not involved with a music project, yet it`s so gifted of a project, that you are really taken by it, that you drift from admiring professionally to becoming an out right cheerleader. I am at that point with this band.

The last few months have been difficult for me as you all know, trying to find a place of happiness again after what happened in March. Trying to find happiness in my own music career, happiness in PIH, happiness in idols and just happiness in moving forward after so much pain.

UNDER FOREST is coming out at a time ,when I am finding that happiness again and I can look at my own career genre and I can walk that fine line between reporter, fan, musician and cheerleader and have pride again ,feel good about it .

Right now cheerleader is winning and you know what I am ok with that. If you are a very open minded rock fan, UNDER FOREST maybe a group that you will find enjoyable as they bring a wide range of styles to the table.

So check it out, take it for a test drive.


Moonless Night PV

Album preview

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