Monday, August 29, 2011

Fairies Pre-Release Tour Extended Live Footage

Fairies Pre-Release Tour Extended Live Footage

Fairies are currently on a pre-release tour across Japan drawing 2-3,000 fans a stop. If you have followed my lead in posts on this group, then you know that I mentioned that they have a very impressive opening dance segment. As this is the first time our readers will have seen the dance segment, let me tell you what to expect.

This unit has had serious training  and advice by their seniors Amuro Namie, SPEED and staff .Vision has designed this unit to be a major force in the idol genre, and their dance  opening will show you just how much time has been invested in this unit.

On the promotional front, this unit has a number of product endorsements and in the major cities have large posters on high-rise buildings.

I don`t know how much their debut will sale, but it will not be for the lack of spending money.  Fairies is what happens when you are a major company like Vision Factory and Avex and not one playing as if they are a major company.

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  1. Aha!! They are new idol. They so kawaii, I like this group. Thanks for video ^-^


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