Thursday, August 4, 2011

Idol Spotlight ; Pre-dia


Pre-dia [Pre-diamond] are the sister unit to PASSPO☆ and their opening act at lives.
The theme of Pre-dia are that they are “diamonds in the rough” thus their name Pre-dia.
This unit has only been around for a short time having had their debut last November.

In January, they released their debut single “Dia Love” and managed to crack the lower half of the Oricon top 200. This was followed by “Dream of Love” and thanks to heavy support by HMV the single managed to enter the top 30.

Pre-dia is made up of the following members Akane ,Rumina, Reiko ,Terumi, Megumi, Marina ,Keiko ,Mai ,Yukiko ,Sachiko, Akina ,Runa .

This unit is nothing short of cuteness in a  mature idol way and with an appearance at the up-coming Tokyo Idol Festival ahead of them, these diamonds are sure to shine for some time to come.

With the success of their sister unit PASSPO☆ it`s only a matter of time before they join their sisters in the majors.


Dream of Love PV

TV Event


  1. Pre-dia!!! Thnx for covering them. I've been wanting 2 know more about them since there isn't much news (that I could find at least) on them. Loved Dia love.

  2. Yeah I’ve wanted to cover them for sometime now and never seem to have the time. I have many more that I will be covering from the upcoming Idol festival. A lot of things have come up at the same time and it`s putting a strain on my time to do everything alone on PIH. But I will get to the others someday, lol.


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