Monday, August 8, 2011

S/mileage 2nd Generation Audition Final Round

S/mileage Audition Update

We are getting down to the end and it`s four Eggs including Korean audition winner, Jang Da Yeon  and eight new hopefuls in the final round , which one or ones of these girls will join S/mileage.

Who is your favorite to join ?

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  1. I love the Eggs and the girls from 地方區 :DDDD

    Meimi has that cute idol vibe, but I also like Momoka and Kanae.. though I'll have to see more of their singing or dance to consider which one's my favourite.

    I'm also interested in what Da Yeon will bring though. :D

    It's hard to decide for now.. but I think I'll root for Rio, because she's cute and full of energy during that short dance clip, hahahahah!


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