Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fresh Faces: Ricotta★Veil, Sweet Ricotta, Mercy Lapin Mini Live

Fresh Faces: Ricotta★Veil, Sweet Ricotta, Mercy Lapin Mini Live

I am returning to this unit that I previewed not long ago , because one I enjoy this unit and two they have made some adjustments that are not captured properly in that post. It would really help if they had a true web site and not just member blogs.

Ricotta★Veil is an odd group as it is really three groups in one and which unit it is depends who is on the stage at any given time.

Therefore, I will try to explain. Officially currently Ricotta★Veil is often listed and promoted by Hasegawa Risa and Ito Ayami .Sweet Ricotta who also performs with RV is currently simply Nagayoshi Asuka .Simple right ? , not really .Asuka after performing will leave the stage and Risa and Ayami who often start their lives will return for an MC after a costume change .Near the end of the MC Asuka will return to the stage dressed exactly as Risa and Ayami and the three magically become Ricotta★Veil . Confused yet, no, good because it gets even better.

At some point in their lives Asuka, will MC and Risa and Ayami will leave the stage and change costumes and return as a group called Mercy Lapin and many times Risa and Ayami will start the live as Mercy Lapin. In addition, just to make this roster shuffle more interesting there is often another idol in Sweet Ricotta that plays no role in Ricotta★Veil and that member has changed several times as well.

Therefore, Ricotta★Veil can be all things to everyone at all times.

Now if I have not completely confused you all three along with other Kansai Idols have been part of a super unit called KISS x KISS.

Getting away from the who is in what unit Ricotta★Veil and Sweet Ricotta members depend on information releases through their individual blogs and through a growing local cult fan following. Interestingly while these idols are still  new and growing , they have managed thanks to fan YouTube postings to start to pick up a following in such places as Eastern Europe and Latin America with their videos being reposted in various video media outlets.

Following this unit  can often be hard as they currently do not really travel outside of the Kansai region and as I said earlier, you pretty much have to depend on staying plugged into their blogs and their wota fan base for late breaking news and to make travel plans for event dates. Ricotta★Veil and Sweet Ricotta at times put the term underground in underground idols.

However when your two paths finally meet up it`s a magical moment.




Risa and Ayami as Mercy Lapin

If you can understand Japanese you can listen to their radio show

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