Sunday, August 14, 2011

S/mileage Grows By Five

S/mileage Grows By Five

Ladies and Gentlemen, S/mileage grows by five.

Earlier today, S/mileage grew by five members with the addition of what is being called sub members. Question number one; with S/mileage now being as large as Morning Musume does this mean that the agency views this unit to have more value then Berryz Koubou and C-ute?

For this new experiment ,these new sub members are not full  card carrying members of S/mileage just yet. It seems that Tsunku  wants to take this idea for a test drive  to find that missing piece to complete S/mileage and also hold the fear of demotion over their heads of the original members to make sure they don`t take things for granted.Really it`s not demotions ,the wording makes it out to believe that S/mileage is becoming like AKB48 ,were subs can fill in at times.

In regards to the sub-member concept ,Tsunku  mentioned that the group is missing something and these five will be given first shot at finding it.Meaning Gen 3 auditions are possible.

Tsunku also  went on to say  the following :"Based on their activities, I will decide if they will become official members”. Call them what you want the S/mileage fan base at the live gave them overwhelming support and cheers and it`s only an issue of time before the sub member label gets dropped at least by fans.

So just who will make up S/mileage 2nd generation ? They are Katsuta Rina, Kosuga Fuyuka, Nakanishi Kana, Tamura Meimi, and Takeuchi Akari.


The ever Egao [smiling] Rina is a newly promoted H!P EGG .Rina is from Tokyo and is 13 and is good at gymnastics .


Fuyuka is from Kanagawa and is 13 ,she is good at karate and performing the Tea Ceremony


Kana is from Osaka and is 14 ,she is good at impressions and sports


Meimi is the youngest of the new members at age 12. Meimi is from Gunma and her  special skill is room arrangement

Akari is a genki newly promoted H!P EGG. This energetic idol is 13 and is from Saitama .She should be a fan favorite of Morning Musume`s next leader Niigaki Risa as she can do impressions of Mickey Mouse.

She also is the cousin of C-ute`s Yajima Maimi

Of the five that joined some faces that drew fan attention across the world are missing . The popular Ribbon-Chan is a member of the Avex Academy Idol group DELUXE COLORS! ,much like Riho was an academy performer before joining Morning Musume .

The very popular and wota top choice Karin is still in play for Morning Musume 10th gen .

When asked about the new members,the first generation members said the following: Ogawa said, “Honestly, at first I didn’t like the idea of having new members.”

Wada who was the most outspoken when the audition news broke , claimed that she did not want to baby sit any new members ,that maybe another member should be leader . She later explained that the other three members were already a handful for her at times . Wada now has had three months to think about this and offered her views on the new members . Wada responded by saying “I want everyone to become official members.”

I am not really surprised by Wada , change is hard , and as leader she will rise up and meet this new challenge .In time Wada will help S/mileage grow to become a new powerful family .

While S/mileage didn`t get their wish of getting sexy members ,they loaded up on cuteness and that is hard for wotas to fight off ,the results should payoff nicely for S/mileage.

New Members Profile


  1. why this sub-members idea reminds me to Dorothy Little Happy support team (or whatever name have the girls that always perform with them)a lot

  2. I knew Meimi would have gotten in! Hahah! I had a gut feeling. :P

    and Rina got in!! I liked her part from the video uploaded about the final round of auditions :)))

    I can understand why they'd be 'demoted', it pushes the original members to work hard, and be at their best. It's a nice strategy, though the term used for it is rather negatively connotated. :P


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