Thursday, August 18, 2011

S/mileage New Member Footage [Subbed]

S/mileage New Member Footage [Subbed]

Having a sub team is something that I hope as PIH moves forward we can put in place as I get mail asking if there are any subbed versions of shows or clips from time to time.

Anyway, all credit goes to the team that created the subs for this clip, so if you have a YouTube account, give them a word of thanks for their hard work.

In related news New S/mileage, are finishing a USTREAM show as I write this up. They played games, laughed and had the best time. So have no worries over the group and don`t be surprised if by the end of the fall tour the sub label is dropped . The new members are clicking just fine ,like they been in group for years and gen 1 S/mileage had the best time laughing and playing with them. Not sure what was funnier the new line up or their manager wearing a mask when getting on camera to hide her face.

They have really added a fresh spark to the group, which I think in time everyone will notice.

Video later if possible

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