Thursday, December 22, 2011

BABY METAL Gets Ultimate Endorsement

Recently BABY METAL got what I believe as a rock musician to be the ultimate endorsement of acceptance of an idol metal group into the heavy metal genre . That endorsement came from heavy metal guitar great Marty Friedman and in this case I believe a picture speaks a 1,000 words .

Also by the way the ladies of idol metal will have new songs coming out in January ,2012

Here is a few more photos a reposting of their debut video and because in the video the song actually gets cut off a full audio version is added.


Full track audio version

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  1. YES!!! That's so awesome, I didn't think an actual man of metal himself would endorse such cuteness but.. here ya go. I'm thrilled for them. Really looking forward to the new release too ^^

  2. I just noticed you linked my video. Ha ha... :)

  3. i love babymetal they sre soOOOOO cute and sexy


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