Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idoling!!! Releases Yarakai Heart

Idoling!!! Releases Yarakai Heart

Idoling!!! Has released their 15th single, entering Oricon at #3 [15,916 sales], No3B was #2 [41,141 sales], Berryz Koubou was #6.

The single includes a new song from ‘Team Gakuran‘, a unit that features Asahi Nao and Goto Kaoru. The limited edition Type A includes a DVD that includes the single PV and making of documentary. Type B includes a QT card randomly selected from 20, “note: only the first press of the regular edition will include 1 of 20 trading cards.”

Types A and B comes with four songs, including the title song instrumental, while the regular edition has an additional song called, “Ichi Koi“.

To promote the new single, the group is doing a series of handshake and CD signing events. The promotion runs from March 1 to the 13 with the members broken up into two team units.

In a related note, Idoling!!! Will release their fourth studio album, titled “SISTERS“, on March 16. The album will have 16 tracks, including their last single, “eve“, and will come in three versions: Type A, Type B, and regular edition.

Type A will include a DVD and 1 of 20 original trading cards. Type B will include 1 of 20 trading cards, plus a photobook. The CD only first press regular edition will also include 1 of 20 trading cards.


  1. I can't beleave this beat bz!

    It is so... generic D:

    Just shows you, in the idol world it is more about promotion than popularity...

  2. ^
    I ment "more about promotion that quality"

    woops! I should read my post before posting!!

  3. Rather dissapointed right now!! I knew berryz would not beat No3B but Idoling!! the outfits are bad. the story is ok and the song reminds me of akb48. oh well berryz has a COUPLE OF DAYS TO SELL. so well see.

  4. The order of results held for another day with Idoling!!! being higher ,then Berryz. 2,4,7, [No3B,Idoling!!!,Berryz]


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