Monday, March 7, 2011

New Up-Front Unit: UFZS +New TV Show

UFZS Updated Dance Preview Added

New Unit: UFZS

A new unit has been created consisting of former H!P Egg members Satou Ayano, Arai Manami, Sekine Azusa, Furukawa Konatsu, and Mori Saki.

UFZS is not your traditional idol unit ,UFZS is a dance unit and will perform to popular JPop and KPop songs. Incase you are not familiar with dance units ,Happiness that I wrote about before is a dance unit. Dance units normally consist of one or two lead singers.

They will make their dance debut on March 31 at an event called DREAM ON! Vol.2. DREAM ON! Vol.2 features a number of dance groups performing KPop songs.

In related news, UFZS will be taking part in a new television show called "Up-Front Girls".
"Up-Front Girls" will feature many artists within UFA as special guests, while the main stars will be UFZS.

"Up-Front Girls" will air on SkyPerfectTV starting on April 2 with repeat airings on different days.

UFZS Updated Dance Preview

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  1. ooo~ sounds like a pretty cool unit! Shall check them out~ Plus I'm a KPOP fan as well, so it'll be interesting to see them dance to KPOP songs. =))


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