Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donations How Much Did They Give?

Donations How Much Did They Give?

The following are some groups, agencies who have given for earthquake relief

Donation Money

Entertainment agency FLaMme, has donated 20 million yen (~$240,000 USD) they handle actresses Toda Erika, Hirosue Ryoko, Koyuki, and Kichise Michiko.

J-rock band GLAY donated 20 million yen (~$240,000 USD)

Concert/CD/ Funds Donations

Kansai based Band Dear Loving donated part of their live show revenue and collected from fans 82 boxes of colored pencils, 10 hand towels, 8 mini tote bags, 84 t-shirts, and 400 body warmers.

KPop Super Group KARA will be donating all their income from their new single “Jet Coaster Love” towards disaster relief efforts.

X JAPAN’s leader, YOSHIKI, auctioned off his beloved “crystal concert piano”

Johnny & Associates announced that all their transport and power unit trucks normally used for live performances would be lent to disaster-stricken areas in Japan, free of charge.

Hamasaki Ayumi  will collaborate with fashion magazine ViVi to produce a charity T-shirt for disaster relief.
The shirt will be sold on the online shop mu-mo from March 17 to March 31, and is open to international fans

EXILE is sending 50,000 bottles of drinking water

Charity Songs, Free Courage Songs

Folk Singer Suzumoku has released a charity song called “Bokura wa Ningen da” (We are Humans)

Suzumoku -“I’m not sure whether or not this song will give the earthquake victims courage, but I want to give people this song without worrying about things like copyright”.

Pop duo Sukima Switch posted on their official YouTube channel titled, “Kanade March 13, 2011

Sokabe Keiichi has released his new song “Haru no Arashi” (The Storm of Spring) free of charge

The list of artists making donations is to large for me to cover them all .AKB48 donation deserves it`s own post as it shows why they are the leaders in the female idol genre.


  1. I think one of the sweetest donation drives i saw was from Yuuka Maeda from S/mileage. She set up her own donation drive on her blog so her fans could donate though her if they would like.

    I think it was a perfect way to get young people invoved, considering how many young fans s/mileage have.

  2. I didn`t even see that, good for her, nearly everybody across the nation is doing donation drives. You can see school kids on corners collecting, others doing day trips to help elderly clean up their homes in the less damage zones around Tokyo .


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