Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SCANDAL: Haruka Radio PV + Bonus Clips

SCANDAL: Haruka Radio PV + Bonus Clips

On April 20, Female pop-rock band SCANDAL will release their newest single “Haruka“. “Haruka“will also be used as the theme song for the upcoming 3D animation, “Tofu Kozo“.

SCANDAL describes “Haruka“ as a positive message breakup song ,with lyrics that assures the troubled heart that all those troubles leading up to the breakup would eventually result in a new and stronger self, and that despite the pain, you should never stop looking forward.

If you have never given SCANDAL a chance before give them a fair chance .They are a little edgier version of ZONE and with each release they are getting closer to that big hit breakout.



Temptation Box Tour Live Clips .This is a fun band to see live ,not to mention skilled musicians.

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