Friday, March 11, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu: “Kikkake wa YOU! “ Full Radio

Kikkawa Yuu: “Kikkake wa YOU! “ Full Radio

The darling of the soloists has released the much awaited full-length audio version of her debut single “Kikkake wa YOU! “to the radio.

“Kikkake wa YOU! “will hit the stores on March 30


  1. YAY Kikka :D
    the song is really nice...

    whenever i watch Kikka Channel and i hear the intro they use...
    it always get stuck in my head...
    and then i look up the teaser and the whole teaser gets in my head xD

    Kikka is the next ayaya
    meaning... shell be the one who might be able to surpass ayaya

  2. LOVE this song... Yuu sounds amazing in it, and just everything about it really.

    I agree with, Tenshiki I think she really can be the next Ayaya. But I digress, Mano has her appeal as well I just... don't feel her songs as much as I do with this one..."XD

  3. manos songs arent bad actually.... if u know mano a bit.. the songs really fit her...
    and after listening to it.. the songs are pretty good actually (To me :p)
    but i also think
    mano is a better actress

  4. Yeah, they're not bad... her acting in her PVs when she first started were a bit awkward... but i'm OK with it now :P

    I personally preferred some of her ballads than the upbeat ones she did recently to be honest.....

  5. hahaha... i actualy only know 2 singles...
    genkimono de ikou... and seishun no serenade...
    the coupling song.. the semi english one sounds pretty nice..

    those 2 i like... but @ concerts her songs arent bad...

    i like her in the movies and dramas she acts really good..


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