Saturday, March 19, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku Subbed Version

Here is the 9th gen part of Bijo Gaku in subbed version. I did not sub this; however, I would like someday to have a sub team.

As with other version it`s the 9th gen training for the tour. If you do not see the subs , just click the CC icon.


  1. i really dont understand why tsunku chose Ikuta

  2. ^maybe hes ''scared'' akb would gain another member who failed for momusu xD

    ikutas got potential...
    ...and its not the first time tsunku did this....
    i mean xD lol @ konkon
    and she turned out well....

    +if the ending of this weeks ep was added... (preview of the mv) u could see that ikuta does fit in really well....

  3. Konkon was the member that made me love momusu!!!! oh and I believe tsunku picked ikuta due to her smile and how she tries her hardest no matter what! well atleast that is what he said in Bijo Gaku. And if you hear konkon now she actually got better at singing :)


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