Saturday, March 26, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen TV Event

Morning Musume 9th Gen TV Event

Leader Takahashi Ai takes the young ones on a feature television interview . Riho shows off her special thumb and game skill ,Fuku-chan the outstanding young artist and Kanon becomes a bug . Erina didn`t show any special skills ,however she did take part in the conversations . It seems like Riho and Kanon maybe targeted by their agency as the new top two ,maybe just not as wild as Kago and Tsuji .

9th gen represents themselves well in this show and already showing veteran television skills. What I would give to have Hello!Morning back and see this bunch run wild on an until the bus comes skit.

There is a special bonus at the end of the show ,that you can not miss ,it`s an long preview of their upcoming single.

Morning Musume 9th Gen  - ONRYU
Part 1
Part 2


  1. Ooo~ Kanon's famous bug impersonations!!! Totally laughed out loud when I saw it, too funny~

    And riho's so good with the kentama~ i've tried it and it's real hard~~~ kudos to her for looking so much like a pro! hhahahahahah!

    Mizuki's drawing was so good as well!! Hahah, very cute :))

    I wish Erina had done something, but maybe with more TV exposure we will?

    shell def be like eri dude xD soo random xD

    oh so here is where the pv came from...
    lol @ aichan @5:06


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