Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AKB48 21st Single Release & 22nd Single Senbatsu Coming Soon

AKB is wasting no time and has further continued to extend their already huge omnipresence.
AKB48 21st single has been set to release on May 25th 2011, title is not confirmed yet. Additionally, their 22nd single will have a Senbatsu election coming soon. For the benefit of those who do not know, it is an voting process in which AKB fans may elect which of the girls under the AKB group to participate in the new single. A great way for fans to be involved in the single production process.

In accordance to their participation of the northeast earthquake support, a portion of the proceeds from the singles sales will go to charity.

And lastly, after previous postponings, AKB48's latest album "Koko ni ita koto" have been further pushed to release on 8th June. Similarly, a portion of the album sales will also go to charity.

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  1. Oh god, i kinda love and kinda hate these akb elections. I love that i have some sort of say in who is in senbatsu but i hate how crap it makes those who didn't make it feel...

    I would do anything for sayaka not to get hurt by these elections...


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