Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 48 Groups Donate 500 million Yen For Earthquake Relief

The 48 Groups Donate 500 million Yen For Earthquake Relief

The members of the deferent 48 groups, AKB, SKE, SDN, NMB along with management and staff, recently set up a bank account so fans could donate for earthquake relief. As part of this charity, the 48`s along with management and staff made what has been one of the leading donation figures by any music company or group to date.

According to several news outlets Akimoto Yasushi, all the members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, SDN48, as well as their management AKS and the staff of Akimoto’s office have donated 500 million Yen ($6.2 million USD) to open their charity drive.

representatives for each group said that they are trying to think of more ways to support all the people affected by the natural disaster.

In related news on March 31 SKE48’s Team S will resume performing again. The members commented, “We want to give the victims of this disaster even just the smallest bit of courage”.

All the money generated from the live will go to earthquake relief. They are also setting up Nagoya based fundraising activities.

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