Monday, March 14, 2011

Charity Fund Set Up + Live + DLH Update

Charity Fund Set Up + Live + DLH Update

Legendary rocker GACKT is putting together an emergency charity. The charity is called “SHOW YOUR HEART” and GACKT has said that the charity will be used to collect funds for disaster relief for the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

GACKT- “We decided to organize the charity as it was something that even we could start in order to help. We want everyone to lend us their strength. Although individuals may not be able to do much, if everyone works together, it becomes a lot of power. In this sort of time, we need to have the courage to lend a helping hand.”

The list of stars taking part in the project is growing by the hour and include Shinya (LUNA SEA), Fujiwara Norika, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), and Haruna Ai

Donations are being done by direct deposit in Japan as GACKT has set up a bank account for the charity. The money will be distributed to victims through the Japanese Red Cross and local community relief centers.

T.M. Revolution [Nishikawa Takanori] is setting up a charity live concert.

The concert is scheduled for March 30 and will be held at Zepp Tokyo .TMR plans to set up a live stream for the event along with a website for donations.

Please note -that this event is still far from settled .TMR said that there are other artists who have expressed their support and that he is looking for people who are willing to provide broadcasting equipment, and websites that will host the stream and auction.

From TMR on the event- “It’s unclear how much or even whether I can do it, and I know that I will probably face difficulties when I actually put it in motion, but I want to put all my energy into it.”

Dorothy Little Happy Update

Sendai Idol Group Dorothy Little Happy

DLH Leader Kana reported they are ok, promotions for them has stopped for now as they focus on recovery.


  1. Dorothy Little Happy update #2

    All but one has reported in, however they report that all are safe, phone service is returning so they are checking in.

  2. ^
    Thank goodness.

    I'm really worred about japan right now... but for everyone living oversea's I heard Google set up a way for people to donate straight to the japanese Red Cross:

    Stay safe Ryo and Gaki.


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