Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Questions For 48 Fans

Questions For 48 Fans

These are questions for any reader who follows the 48 family of groups.

1. Do you have any interest in seeing SKE48`s mini drama Mousou Deka
It would not be subbed and I would back track to episode 1

2. Do you have any interest in seeing NMB48 - Doyou wa Dame yo!

3. AKB48 Members on the Game show DERO!

Notes on uploads

AKBINGO! , SHUKAN and ARIYOSHI [2 episodes]
need to be uploaded still.

SHUKAN did not air part two of the last episode  due to the earthquake and show content  was not right under the situation , so they returned to Miichan`s MC challenge . AKBINGO is a recap episode.

Given the current situations that you have been made aware of I ask for patience on getting the shows on site, you will not miss any episode that airs, of what we have been uploading in the past.


  1. I love DERO! I wouls love to see it here at PIH, thank you very much!!

  2. @ Natalie I have a number of full episode DERO! I can go from most recent visit on shows and go backwards.

    Is their any member or other celebrity that you have interest in; I will put them on a checklist

  3. Sayaka akimoto and Sae from AKB! I LOVE them! Sayumi from MM as well. :) Thank you so much Gaki you are the best! :D

  4. @ Natalie , Sayaka will play Suzuki Sonoko in the live action version of “Detective Conan”

    I checked and of DERO! Episodes with the different AKB members ,the ones with Sae and/or Sayaka I can include are

    Dec 22 - Akicha, Tomochin and Sae
    Aug 18 -Sae
    June 30-Sayaka, Sae and Miichan [2 hr special]

    I have one episode with Sayu.

    These maybe be in split files as they are full episodes, not sure yet
    Hope that is ok if I need to do that

  5. If they are in split files can i still watch them in parts without puting them together?

    I personally have already seen the 2hr special but i would love to see the other sae ones!

    Thank you so much gaki!

    Will Dective Conan be in the cinemas?

  6. @Natalie

    Sayaka drama will be on TV on April 15. I am not 100% sure they will be split files .Right now I don`t remember the file size, lol.

    I have something like 15 DERO with AKB members

  7. lol it's okay! Thanks for the info!


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