Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UFZS Updated Dance Preview

UFZS Updated Dance Preview

Follow up post to yesterdays announcement of a new unit called UFZS .UFZS is a new dance unit consisting of former H!P Egg members Satou Ayano, Arai Manami, Sekine Azusa, Furukawa Konatsu, and Mori Saki.

A dance preview has now come out for the new unit. UFZS will make their dance debut on March 31 at an event called DREAM ON! Vol.2. DREAM ON! Vol.2 features a number of dance groups performing KPop songs.

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  1. Woots~ The girls look like they're pretty good, and I see the Run Devil Run dance move! XD

    I learn some KPOP dances myself, so it'll be cool to see these girls dance to them too, hehe.


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