Sunday, March 6, 2011

SKE48 Dareka no Sei ni Shinai PV

SKE48 Dareka no Sei ni Shinai PV

The B-Side song PV to SKE48`s new single “Banzai Venus” is now out."Dareka no Sei ni Shinai" features the group going into a more dark and mature side, filled with innocent young love, heartbreak and rebellion. Overall, it could be better then the lead track.

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  1. I love this song, for some reason it really moves me... SKE have really become there own group now... :)

  2. Natalie, it really shows a different side to them and the way it is shot has the feel of a movie or drama.

    I have noticed for a while now that not only are the 48`s songs just more modern ,their videos are just better then other agencies .They have no issues thinking outside the box so to speak.

    I think this one thing that has helped the popularity of the 48`s into this cool idol group that mainstream fans always mention about them.

    I don`t see their popularity ending anytime soon

  3. ^
    What i loved about the song and PV most was the melencoly quality it had (somthing ske is amazing at if you have seen this pv: the location they filmed at. The cinematography was movie quality!


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