Friday, March 11, 2011

Sendai Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake

This is not an idol news. The north of Japan has been hit by a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and has devastated much of Sendai. Two 30 feet tsunamis have hit Sendai badly. Areas nearby are also feeling the shake of the earthquake, including the our editor's home, Gaki, in Chiba.

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Twitter updates

My fingers are shaking while typing this. Please help pray for Gaki, all the Japanese affected there, if not for your idols also. Thanks in advance. May God bless them all.

Watch this space, just in case we have update for you.

Video footage


[update 2]
I'm on Google Talk chat with Gaki now, he's telling about things going on round his place. He's also terrified, as I am scared for him too. Civil defense are checking out every homes now, and to give safety warnings.
This is the worst quake Japan has seen in years.... Please continue your prayers.


[update 3]

Apparently surrounding Pacific areas of Japan need to be wary also. So guys please take great precaution. Chanting, I pray it's okay over there for you too.

The Australian Science Centre has sent out a couple of expert comments.

Kevin McCue is a seismologist and adjunct professor at CQUniversity. He is based in Canberra.

Quote This is the largest earthquake known in Japan. There have been seven earthquakes in Japan over magnitude 8 since 1891.

In 1923 in the great Kanto earthquake which measured 7.9, 147,000 people died so our expectation is that many people will be killed and there will be extensive damage. Fortunately for Tokyo it’s a bit further north than the great Kanto earthquake was, which means the damage in Tokyo is likely to be much less.

A Pacific wide tsunami has been generated, so that will be impacting other countries in the north Pacific in the coming hours.


[update 4]
Another vid.

[update 5]
Some pics.

[update 6]

chat excerpt
Gaki: they Said Tokyo bay area is ok ,just fires and traffic issues , but to stay away from the beaches and listen to warnings
2.5 hrs Tsunami will hit hawaii
1036 gmt Philippines 1049gmt Indonesia
looking at Chiba tv
hang on
Sent at 4:40 PM on Friday
Gaki: Chiba TV biggest worry is the fire and waves ,aftershocks hang on sirens

Is Ray still in Hawaii?

[update 7]
Hawaii has ordered the evacuation of low-lying coastal areas, officials on the US Pacific island state said.
If Ray is still in Hawaii, I pray he's okay too.

[update 8]
May lose connection to Gaki soon, because his place might be shutting off phones and power to shift services.

Strange... Gaki and I were talking about how cool the indie idols are in Sendai... then only minutes later, buildings are shaking...

[update 9 10 minutes ago]
from a tweeet of MM Manager => モーニング娘。全員無事ですっ‼ みなさんも、余震続いてますから気をつけてくださいね‼‼

trans. Morning Musume girls are safe.
Dorothy Little Happy last tweeted 2 hours ago... powers must be cut in Sendai by now. I hope they're okay too.
If you guys have followed twitters of your idols, go check them out. pronto!
Affilia Saga girls are okay.
Tanaka Reina is okay too.


Update: When the Sun Woke Up

Ryo updating...


  1. This is Ray, we live in Florida now but still have many friends in Hawaii. Barb checked in with her parents and brother in Japan (Karuizawa and Tokyo, respectively), they're safe.

  2. that's good to know , Ray. My thoughts and prayers to you, your family and friends.

  3. The Idoling!!! girls are all ok according to their producer's (Seita Kadosawa) twitter.

  4. Im from California and so far were ok nothing big like japan. I pray that Gaki and everyone in japan are ok.
    PS.Some of Americas best qualified rescuers have made their way too japan to help them and find missing people.

  5. Hey Ryo, I'm OK. Read the newspaper yesterday, and there won't be anything coming our way.

    Just read another update on the newspaper... My heart really goes out to you and Gaki. Glad to know you are OK!!!

    Want to plan a donation/fund raiser of some sort, will let you know how it goes =)


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