Thursday, March 31, 2011

T.M. Revolution’s Nine Hour Charity Live Event.

T.M. Revolution’s Nine Hour Charity Live Event.

T.M. Revolution will be holding a nine-hour charity live on April 2, starting at 15:00/ 3:00PM. The program called “Hisaichi ni YELL wo Okurou! Ima Koso Tachiagare NIPPON! STAND UP! JAPAN“, will be streamed live on GyaO! and by Nico Nico in a Live Broadcast.

T.M. Revolution will be supported by co-hosts/event support such as SHOGO (175R), Tsuchiya Reo (RAG FAIR, Zboned Zubon), Micro (HOME MADE Kazoku), Ono Mayumi, Tahara Souichirou, Shibata Hidetsugu (Untouchable), Tokito Ami, and Mutou Keiji (All Japan Pro Wrestling) and many more as yet unnamed .

T.M. Revolution originally planed for this to be a live attendance event , however with the continuing energy problems from the earthquake ,it was decided that a nine hour live event may put unneeded strain on the power grid and that power would best served to go to homes .

Instead the event will be live streaming and a donation project “STAND UP! JAPAN Chuou Kyoudoubokinkai“, started by T.M. Revolution will be used instead of live event ticket revenues.

If you are able to view these services and want to watch the broadcast and support the charity.

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