Thursday, March 10, 2011

SDN48:“Ai, Juseyo”! PV:

SDN48:“Ai, Juseyo”! PV:

When is a video to much and not enough at the same time? When your SDN48 .SDN48 are back with a new release that will go head to head with Morning Musume and the 9th gen on March 23.

“Ai, Juseyo”! Has everything that you would expect in and SDN48 PV, you have SDN48, long bathtub scenes, shadow dance scenes that are pure “undressed” fan services teases. When you move past the fan service this is good song. Seeing how idols are built on fan service and not song quality at times ,it is going to be very hard for SDN48 to not take the top spot opening sales day.

Like the warning label at the start of the PV says, “If you use this product over a long time, you may be attracted to this product. Please be careful “

With “Ai, Juseyo”! SDN48 leaves no doubts that they are the Queens of sexiness in the 48 family.


  1. the song is alright. a lot better than their last one but the pv is borderline soft porn.


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